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Reptilia | The Strokes




(by 野菜のめぐみ)
Stay True

to who you are no matter what others think. Be unique, be happy, be an individual. People who hate are the ones that follow others and just envy that you have the strength to be yourself to be strong to stay true to yourself. people who label themselves to fit in are only scared to truly embrace who they are in fear of what others think or what they’ll say.

So who are you the one whos scared and follows, or are you the person who stands brave and proud to be who they are in life?

The only label i have in life is the name i was giving and the only one that means anything. Remember when your 60 no ones gonna care if you were gangster,prep,goth,emo,scene,hardcore.hipster, or whatever other labels are out there. All that’s gonna matter is who you truly were and are. =]